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Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service with Child Car Seat – Toddler Car Seat – Infant Car Seat – Booster Seat

At Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our youngest travelers. We offer a wide range of child car seats, including toddler car seats, infant car seats, and booster seats, making us the preferred choice for families traveling to and from Toronto Pearson Airport.


Toddler Car Seat Information

Types of Toddler Car Seats We Offer

Convertible Car Seats

Our fleet boasts convertible car seats suitable from birth, providing versatility as they can initially be used in the rear-facing position for infants and then converted to forward-facing for toddlers.

Forward-Facing Car Seats 

Specifically designed for toddlers and older children, these seats are engineered to ensure their safety throughout the journey.

Weight and Height Limits

  • Our convertible car seats in rear-facing mode are suitable for children up to the typical weight limit of 40 pounds or more, offering flexibility as your child grows.
  • For forward-facing car seats, they can accommodate toddlers up to 65 pounds or more. Always refer to the specifications for precise limits.

Safety Features

  • 5-Point Harness
  • All our toddler car seats are equipped with a 5-point harness, providing maximum safety during transit.
  • LATCH System
  • Our seats come with the “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children” system, ensuring secure attachment without the need for seatbelts.
  • Side Impact Protection
  •  We’ve carefully selected models that offer additional padding or structural support to safeguard against side collisions.

Our Vehicles

In addition to our standard taxis, we also offer spacious SUVs and minivans equipped with toddler car seats, ensuring that your family travels in both comfort and safety.


  • Always ensure the car seat is installed correctly. Our trained drivers can assist you, but if you need more clarification, consider having it checked by a certified technician.
  • For long-term safety, car seats have an expiration date. Always check them, especially if you’re using your own.
  • For just an additional $10, you can order a car seat with our SUVs and minivans, making your journey even more convenient and affordable.

Infant Car Seat Guide

Our Specialized Infant Car Seats

  • Rear-Facing Car Seats: Infants are safest in rear-facing seats designed specifically for their delicate frames. Our taxis are equipped with the best-in-class infant car seats to ensure their protection.

Weight and Height Considerations

  • Our infant car seats are crafted to accommodate newborns and babies, typically up to 35 pounds or more. Always adhere to the seat’s specifications to ensure maximum safety.

Safety Features We Swear By

  • Secure Harness System: We opt for car seats that come with a robust harness system to keep your baby secure throughout the journey.
  • LATCH Connectors: Our infant car seats feature the “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children” system, ensuring that the seat remains firmly in place.
  • Advanced Side Impact Protection: To shield your baby from all angles, we’ve handpicked seats that offer optimum side collision protection.

Vehicle Options Tailored for You

Whether it’s a quick taxi ride or a more spacious journey you need, our fleet, including SUVs and minivans, is ready. Each vehicle is prepared to accommodate our specialized infant car seats.

Additional Tips

  • Correct installation is vital. While our drivers are trained to assist, if ever in doubt, consider seeking expertise from a certified technician.
  • Car seats aren’t forever. They have an expiration date for a reason. If you’re using your own, it’s always a good idea to check its validity.
  • Remember, for just an extra $10, you can have a car seat with our SUVs and minivans, ensuring your infant’s safety and comfort during the journey.

Safe and Convenient Travel with Booster Seats for Kids

Booster seats are specially designed to elevate a child to the appropriate height so that seat belts fit them correctly. This not only ensures their safety but also helps prevent injuries in case of an accident. Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service recognizes the significance of booster seats in protecting young passengers.

In many jurisdictions, using a booster seat for children under a certain height or age is not just a recommendation; it’s the law. Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service complies with all relevant safety regulations, giving parents peace of mind during their travels.

Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service boasts a fleet of child-friendly vehicles equipped with top-quality booster seats. These seats are suitable for various age groups, ensuring that children of all sizes are accommodated comfortably.

The drivers at Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service are not only experienced but also well-trained in providing a safe and friendly environment for young passengers. They understand the importance of securing booster seats correctly and assisting parents in ensuring their children are comfortable throughout the journey.

Booking a taxi with Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service that includes a booster seat for your child is a hassle-free experience. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to specify your requirements, ensuring that a booster seat is ready and waiting for your journey.

Traveling with children can be stressful, but Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service aims to make it as hassle-free as possible. By offering booster seats, we eliminate the need for parents to bring their own or worry about their child’s safety during transit.

With Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi Service, every ride is a promise of safety and comfort. To ensure a hassle-free journey with your infant or child, reach out to us today!

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